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Stack them bones!


Wow, this is pretty impressive right? Zurg is very well behaved and disciplined. However, being able to do this has not always been easy. With a lot of patience and dedication, we were able to accomplish “leave it”.

At first, Zurg was so eager to eat the treat that staying focused was a challenge- especially when the treat is on the bridge of your nose!

This only took a few times until he caught on that if he stays still and “leaves it”, he can have the Milk Bone! (Don’t worry, he only got to eat one haha). The most we have ever stacked is 16 Milk Bones! He is such a good boy!


Wanting to know how to do this with your pup? Even if you have a dog that gets CRAZY over treats, it is possible. I am currently working with Daisy (she LOVES food), and it is not as easy as it was with Zurg.

The key to teaching this is patience and positive reinforcement. It may take a couple of tries or even a few sessions depending on their attention span until they start to catch on. Just make sure you let them know how good they are doing and reward them throughout the training process! Eventually, they will be a master of leave it!

Keep scrolling for a tutorial on how to teach this command:


The first step will be to have your dog sit and then to gently support their chin with your hand so it is level and steady. Now you are going to carefuly place the treat on their nose while saying “leave it” or whichever command you would like to use. (I would recommend avoid using a strong smelling treat to cause less of a distraction).

The first few times, you will only place the treat for a few seconds and then reward them. As you gradually work towards leaving the treat longer, also start moving your hand away from their chin.

Soon you will be to the point where they will stay still with the treat on their nose until you say “good job” or whichever word choice you prefer! Keep working with it so you can eventually stack multiple bones!


(It even works with random objects hahaha).

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