Product Reviews

Muddy paws!

Uh oh! I am sure many of you have experienced this before haha. It has been rainy here in Utah, so of course when the pups go out to potty, they bring in a mess with them!

Luckily, it is an easy cleanup. Especially when we use Top Paw- Paw Wipes. Not only do they clean up the puppy paws, they also smell really good too! These are also soap free so they don’t bother the dogs in any way.

In regards to my couch, the material is super easy to clean and all I need to do is vacuum to remove the mud.

Overall it may look like a mess with mud everywhere, but usually I can catch them before they run inside and clean up their pads really well.

What do you usually do with muddy paws? Do you have another product you enjoy that cleans well? Share in the comments if you do!

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