Adventure Time

Spring is around the corner!

We are so excited, the weather in Utah has been pretty nice these last few days! It is supposed to rain and possibly snow this weekend, so we just had to take the dogs out for an adventure.

The best part about living in Utah is being close to the mountains. There are a lot of fun places to take your dogs. We decided to go somewhere not too far away, so we go to this place called Tanner Park. It is a big off-leash dog park with trails and water for the dogs to play in. Daisy is a lab, so she LOVES it here. Everytime we get off the exit on the freeway, she gets so excited and starts whining.

On the trail, there are a lot of open areas to play fetch and let the pups run. When it is warmer, there are sometimes squirrels and other small creatures they like to chase after. However, they are too slow to ever catch them!

The end of the trail, there is a big pond that they are able to swim in. The water is not too deep, so during the summer, I even wade in the water with them. On our walk, we gather a lot of sticks so we can play fetch in the water. Daisy is a natural and Zurg is still a little timid in the water. He is 4 and he got in the water for his first time by himself around 2 years ago. He has not figured out the swimming part quite yet. We are hoping soon!

We can’t wait until it starts getting warmer without anymore snow. We have an extreme case of spring fever!

Where do you live and what are some of your favorite activities to do with your dogs when the weather is nice? I would love to hear your stories!

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