Product Reviews

Elevated dog bowl

When Zurg first came to our family, we had a lower dog bowl (as seen on the right side of the picture above). As he got taller, it was harder for him to eat his food since he had to bend way down. I decided it was time for an elevated feeder to avoid him straining his back or neck.

After doing some research, I came across these awesome feeders that also have storage for their food. The bowls come in different sizes and are removable which makes them easy to wash. The ones shown here are the biggest available. Sometimes water will get under the bowl so you have to empty the lid, other than that they work perfectly!

The storage beneath the bowls makes them perfect for traveling. We’re taking a trip this weekend and won’t need to worry about how much food to bring since we have all of it!

I purchased both of mine from Target, but I have seen them available at Amazon and They come in multiple colors, even matching Zurg and Daisy!

If you are looking into getting a new feeder for your dog (or even your cat with the small feeder) checkout these feeders! You can find them by following the link below:

Iris Elevated Storage Feeder

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