Adventure Time

Page, AZ

This weekend, we had a mini vacation to Page, AZ for a fun hiking trip. Let me just say the dogs had a blast! Even if it was super short, we still managed to do a lot.

We did not camp this trip, we ended up staying at Motel 6 which is pet friendly. The hotel room was pretty nice for the price and we had plenty of room for the dog kennels. There also was not an extra fee for having two large dogs.

We are from Utah, so it was approximately a 6 hour drive. It was busy on the roads because of Easter weekend. The drive was a little long for the dogs, so we made sure to stop and let them stretch their legs as well as to go potty.

Saturday morning, we woke up had breakfast and headed off to our first hike! We ended up going to Waterhole Canyon which is a dog friendly hike. Because it is on the Indian reservation, you will need to get a hiking permit which cost us $24 for the day. However the hike was worth it.

We kept the dogs on their leashes at first because we did not know what to expect. However it was not bad at all so we ended up taking them off leash. It was a hike through a slot canyon and the pups loved it. I would recommend wearing good shoes though because it is sandy like a beach and my shoes got a lot of sand in them.

The hike was beautiful and super easy. Zurg and Daisy loved climbing onto the rocks and running through the curvy sections.

After this hike, we ended up going to see Horseshoe Bend. It was a breathtaking view. We didn’t stay long because we went around 11 and it was super crowded so we got a few good pictures and went on our way.

It was around noon at this time and the dogs were starting to get pretty hot. Since we were close to Lake Powell, we decided to take them swimming! We went to Wahweap Marina which is also dog friendly. When we got there, the beach was all to ourselves!

By the time we got back, the pups were exhausted and we had a tour scheduled for Upper Antelope Canyon which is not dog friendly unless you have a service animal. We put them in their kennels so they can have a nap, turned on the AC and went on our way. If you go to Page, AZ you will most definitely want to checkout either the lower or upper!

For dinner, we got Big John’s Texas BBQ. Their restaurant is also dog friendly, however it was very busy due to it being a Saturday night so we ordered takeout and ate in our hotel room. I highly recommend eating here, their food was delicious!

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted and stayed in our room for the rest of the night. Right now we are on the drive home still pretty tired after the long weekend.

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