Product Reviews

Cone of shame

Anyone else have a dog that is constantly hurting themselves and is accident prone? Welcome to my life. This goofball is constanly hurting himself so we have to bandage him up, put the cone on him, and sometimes even taking him to the vet!

We have learned to be prepared since he loves running in the yard like a maniac, especially when he sees the mailman or UPS truck! Whether it’s cuts on his paws or scrapes on his legs, we are ready to take care of them so he can continue being his happy self.

We try to control it as best as we can. Unfortunately, when we are away at work they tend to hurt themselves. You know how rambunctious dogs can be! Sometimes worse than others. But with the proper care and all the love, he is healed up in no time!

Depending on the wound, we will bandage it up, put Neosproin on it (yes, it is safe for dogs) and even make him wear the cone if he tries to lick or even tear off the bandages. When we buy bandages, we get either the bitter tasting type or the tough chew variety which can be found at Petco. Petco also carries the notorouius purple cone of shame!

If you have a pup that is always hurting themselves, I would recommend their products. Especially if my constructive doberman can manage not to destroy his cone haha!

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