Cooling pads

I know, its been a long time since I made a blog post. Let’s just say, life has been a little hectic! However I am back 🙂

Now it is that time of the year where the days are longer and the temperature is rising. Which means the pups are going to be hot and will need a way to cool down. Thanks to the Pawslife cooling pad and cooling bandanas, I don’t need to worry about overheating puppies!

These already came damp out of the package, however if needed you can always soak them in cold water when the water evaporates.

The cooling pad is great because they can sprawl out and it is a great cooling method for their tummy’s or side. The material is also puncture resistant so you don’t need to worry about them being ripped.

I would recommend both of these to help keep your dogs cool during the hot summer days! I found both of these products at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Cone of shame

Anyone else have a dog that is constantly hurting themselves and is accident prone? Welcome to my life. This goofball is constanly hurting himself so we have to bandage him up, put the cone on him, and sometimes even taking him to the vet!

We have learned to be prepared since he loves running in the yard like a maniac, especially when he sees the mailman or UPS truck! Whether it’s cuts on his paws or scrapes on his legs, we are ready to take care of them so he can continue being his happy self.

We try to control it as best as we can. Unfortunately, when we are away at work they tend to hurt themselves. You know how rambunctious dogs can be! Sometimes worse than others. But with the proper care and all the love, he is healed up in no time!

Depending on the wound, we will bandage it up, put Neosproin on it (yes, it is safe for dogs) and even make him wear the cone if he tries to lick or even tear off the bandages. When we buy bandages, we get either the bitter tasting type or the tough chew variety which can be found at Petco. Petco also carries the notorouius purple cone of shame!

If you have a pup that is always hurting themselves, I would recommend their products. Especially if my constructive doberman can manage not to destroy his cone haha!

Adventure Time

Page, AZ

This weekend, we had a mini vacation to Page, AZ for a fun hiking trip. Let me just say the dogs had a blast! Even if it was super short, we still managed to do a lot.

We did not camp this trip, we ended up staying at Motel 6 which is pet friendly. The hotel room was pretty nice for the price and we had plenty of room for the dog kennels. There also was not an extra fee for having two large dogs.

We are from Utah, so it was approximately a 6 hour drive. It was busy on the roads because of Easter weekend. The drive was a little long for the dogs, so we made sure to stop and let them stretch their legs as well as to go potty.

Saturday morning, we woke up had breakfast and headed off to our first hike! We ended up going to Waterhole Canyon which is a dog friendly hike. Because it is on the Indian reservation, you will need to get a hiking permit which cost us $24 for the day. However the hike was worth it.

We kept the dogs on their leashes at first because we did not know what to expect. However it was not bad at all so we ended up taking them off leash. It was a hike through a slot canyon and the pups loved it. I would recommend wearing good shoes though because it is sandy like a beach and my shoes got a lot of sand in them.

The hike was beautiful and super easy. Zurg and Daisy loved climbing onto the rocks and running through the curvy sections.

After this hike, we ended up going to see Horseshoe Bend. It was a breathtaking view. We didn’t stay long because we went around 11 and it was super crowded so we got a few good pictures and went on our way.

It was around noon at this time and the dogs were starting to get pretty hot. Since we were close to Lake Powell, we decided to take them swimming! We went to Wahweap Marina which is also dog friendly. When we got there, the beach was all to ourselves!

By the time we got back, the pups were exhausted and we had a tour scheduled for Upper Antelope Canyon which is not dog friendly unless you have a service animal. We put them in their kennels so they can have a nap, turned on the AC and went on our way. If you go to Page, AZ you will most definitely want to checkout either the lower or upper!

For dinner, we got Big John’s Texas BBQ. Their restaurant is also dog friendly, however it was very busy due to it being a Saturday night so we ordered takeout and ate in our hotel room. I highly recommend eating here, their food was delicious!

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted and stayed in our room for the rest of the night. Right now we are on the drive home still pretty tired after the long weekend.

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Elevated dog bowl

When Zurg first came to our family, we had a lower dog bowl (as seen on the right side of the picture above). As he got taller, it was harder for him to eat his food since he had to bend way down. I decided it was time for an elevated feeder to avoid him straining his back or neck.

After doing some research, I came across these awesome feeders that also have storage for their food. The bowls come in different sizes and are removable which makes them easy to wash. The ones shown here are the biggest available. Sometimes water will get under the bowl so you have to empty the lid, other than that they work perfectly!

The storage beneath the bowls makes them perfect for traveling. We’re taking a trip this weekend and won’t need to worry about how much food to bring since we have all of it!

I purchased both of mine from Target, but I have seen them available at Amazon and They come in multiple colors, even matching Zurg and Daisy!

If you are looking into getting a new feeder for your dog (or even your cat with the small feeder) checkout these feeders! You can find them by following the link below:

Iris Elevated Storage Feeder

Adventure Time


Next week we are going to Page, Arizona and taking the pups hiking up to Horseshoe Bend and a few other spots. I couldn’t wait until next week to post a picture of these cuties in their new hiking boots.

At first, they did not know what to think and were walking super awkward by raising their legs up high, it was hilarious. After taking them on a walk, they got used to them pretty quick! So far, these boots seem to work good as long as they are tightly secured. I guess we will see how they hold up next week! After reading reviews, I heard the trail can be pretty rough so we want to make sure we are prepared before hand and that the dogs are used to the boots for the hike!


We want to start going on more vacations with our dogs so if you know of any good places (preferably close to Utah or the western side), please let us know!

Also, happy national puppy day! Here are some throwbacks of the two when they were babies đź’•

Adventure Time

Dog Howling Challenge!

I am sure many of you have seen that viral video of the dogs howling and another dog is watching the video and begans to howl. I decided to try this with my dogs and sure enough, they started to howl along! This is going to be a shorter blog post, but I wanted to share this with everyone for some great entertainment! I hope you enjoy! Try this with your dogs too, they may sing along!

Adventure Time

Spring is around the corner!

We are so excited, the weather in Utah has been pretty nice these last few days! It is supposed to rain and possibly snow this weekend, so we just had to take the dogs out for an adventure.

The best part about living in Utah is being close to the mountains. There are a lot of fun places to take your dogs. We decided to go somewhere not too far away, so we go to this place called Tanner Park. It is a big off-leash dog park with trails and water for the dogs to play in. Daisy is a lab, so she LOVES it here. Everytime we get off the exit on the freeway, she gets so excited and starts whining.

On the trail, there are a lot of open areas to play fetch and let the pups run. When it is warmer, there are sometimes squirrels and other small creatures they like to chase after. However, they are too slow to ever catch them!

The end of the trail, there is a big pond that they are able to swim in. The water is not too deep, so during the summer, I even wade in the water with them. On our walk, we gather a lot of sticks so we can play fetch in the water. Daisy is a natural and Zurg is still a little timid in the water. He is 4 and he got in the water for his first time by himself around 2 years ago. He has not figured out the swimming part quite yet. We are hoping soon!

We can’t wait until it starts getting warmer without anymore snow. We have an extreme case of spring fever!

Where do you live and what are some of your favorite activities to do with your dogs when the weather is nice? I would love to hear your stories!